DAMEN sells its second SeaXplorer yacht


DAMEN and its luxury yacht builder AMELS have completed the sale of a second SeaXplorer, a 75-metre luxury yacht with exceptional capability for heli-skiing, diving, and other tropical and polar adventures.

Facilities on the SeaXplorer 75 include a dive centre, a submersible hangar, and a complete floating heliport for two aircraft. It has a bow point observation lounge with panoramic views, and seven luxurious suites on the main deck and the upper deck.

Rose Damen, commercial director, said: “Together with his guests, our client plans to visit some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the world. They will be skiing and snowboarding on pristine slopes like Kamchatka and submersible diving and sport fishing in Papua New Guinea and the Galápagos Islands. They will be in places with no supporting infrastructure, no roads and no heliports within range. So we designed the SeaXplorer 75 to carry out such complex operations with the highest level of safety, redundancy and autonomy.”

DAMEN’s team of naval architects and engineers created the vessel, which has a gross weight of about 2,500 tonnes, in accordance with the owner’s requirements. The owner will take delivery of it in the second half of 2020.

Mark Vermeulen, product director of DAMEN, added: “Our designs in the SeaXplorer range are a great starting point to quickly create customised yachts for specific owner requirements. The SeaXplorer 75 shares the range’s core attributes: compliance with the IMO Polar Code, the long periods of autonomy at sea, and the crossover of superyacht luxury with professional capability.”

The SeaXplorer 75 accommodates 12 guests, as well as 25 crew and expedition staff.

Its heliport has been designed for two helicopters, the primary surface helideck for aircraft up to 5-tonne maximum take-off weight. The heliport is certified for operations in a wide weather window: night, day and underway conditions. The vessel has a below-deck hangar with space for two helicopters that will be fully protected from the elements; it also has a snow room, along with a gear store and large aviation fuel tank and refuelling systems.

The SeaXplorer 75 has facilities for two helicopters because its owners will be exploring remote places. “When you take your own helicopter into remote mountainous (often poorly mapped) terrain, far out of range of the nearest rescue services, landing at high altitude in low temperatures and unpredictable turbulence, with the possibility of poor visibility, avalanches, and loose objects or equipment getting caught in downwash, then having a back-up helicopter quickly becomes more of a necessity than a luxury,” said Vermeulen.