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What sort of clients do you advise? 

I act for both banks and owners. The owners include high net worth individuals, some of whom own more than one yacht and have on-going projects which always keep us busy. Acting for lenders as well means I can understand both sides of any legal argument and adds variety to my work, which I enjoy.

How did you end up in superyacht law?

I have always been a transactional shipping lawyer, and moved into corporate aviation. It was a natural progression to start to work on superyacht transactions as many of the clients overlap and own or finance both assets.

What makes a good superyacht lawyer?

You need, of course, to understand and appreciate the industry, but also that you are dealing with something highly personal to your client. These are floating homes for many clients, even if they are only often on board for a short time, and many are not chartered to third parties. Our job is to help our owner clients to buy or sell and our bank clients to fund in the easiest, quickest and most pain-free way. It really is no good if you have a naturally litigious way of thinking; the lawyers are there to facilitate the transaction, not to cause obstructions!

What do you most like about your job?

Seeing how the other half lives! Meeting the most interesting people and knowing that you have played a valuable part to help your client achieve their goal. Going on board and looking around a 100m+ floating palace is fun, too!

What one piece of advice would you give to potential yacht buyers?

Be patient, find exactly what you want, and involve a team of experts from every part of the industry who can help you.

Official biography

Adam specialises in ship and aviation finance; acting for banks and other financial institutions and for owners on finance transactions, including syndicated, bi-lateral and club loans; corporate jet loan and lease transactions; advising on sale and purchase of ships and aircraft and ship and aircraft registrations.


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