OPINION: Top three themes point the way ahead


Green yacht designs, as incorporated in the Baltic Yachts’s foil-equipped Baltic 142 Canova, proved popular with readers.

Superyacht Investor’s three most popular themes of the past six months – luxury yacht finances and tax liability, crew management and green propulsion systems – are among the topics included at our London conference next month.

The coverage of different VAT charges incurred by yachts cruising European waters proved one of the most popular topics with readers, as revealed by Google Analytics. Other popular articles featured green yacht designs – including new solar power and electrical power plants – and crew management, such as mentoring younger crew members.

We will be returning to all those themes and many more at next month’s Superyacht Investor London 2020 conference. Also scheduled are sessions on the role of banking in yachting, analysing the mega yacht market for 2020 and the insurance sector plus a host of other subjects. So, see you at The Landmark in London on February 5th and February 6th. Read booking details here.

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