Monaco Yacht Show assembles its biggest fleet of superyachts valued at £3.45 billion


The biggest superyacht fleet ever assembled at the Monaco Yacht Show went on display on Tuesday, September 24, as the event, now in its 29th year, opened in Port Hercules. 

This show welcomed 125 superyachts, 44 of which were making their debut.

The combined value of the luxury yachts on display was estimated at about £3.45 billion or 3.9 billion euros, according to Johan Pizzardini, the event’s communications and media manager. “In terms of gross tonnage, it’s the most voluminous fleet of superyachts we have ever assembled,” he told CNN Travel.

“The average is about 800 [gross tonnes]. The average asking price is 37.8 million euros [£33.48 million].

Average asking price is £33.48 million

Superyachts on display at this year’s show are said to reflect four key trends in the luxury yachting sector. The trendsidentified by the Monaco Yacht in partnership with the Superyacht Life Foundation are increasing sustainability, with greener yacht designs, a move towards philanthropy, the trend toward innovation, with new designs pushing the envelope of technological possibilities and the growing popularity of explorer yachts, which venture further north and south than their older sister vessels.

Superyacht Investor will be returning to these four trends later this week to analyse how they are represented in the latest superyacht designs.

Meanwhile, the Superyacht Life Foundation works to promote positive aspects of the luxury yachting community to a wider audience.

Influential brokerage houses

Alongside superyacht builders, the show features award-winning motor-yacht and sailing-boat designers, luxury goods suppliers and influential brokerage houses.

Also on display are the latest designs in water toys – including submersibles and powered surf boards – together with helicopter and private jet manufacturers. More than 600 exhibitors are attending this year’s event. There is even a classic car display on the dockside, which attracted a steady stream of visitors – armed with camera phones and iPads – on the first day of the show.

The event which runs from September 25th to 28th at Port Hercules – is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors; 87 per cent of whom are international visitors.

Four key trends that characterise modern superyacht designs

1.    The trend for sustainability

2.    The move towards philanthropy

3.    The trend toward innovation, with news designs pushing the envelope of technological possibilities

4.    The growing popularity of explorer yachts.

Source: Monaco Yacht Show and the Superyacht Life Foundation. 

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