Yachtzoo restructures ownership model


Two of the founding members of brokerage Yachtzoo have sold their shares in the company to make co-founder Darrel Hall the majority shareholder. Paola Scalabrino and Chris Richardson will remain as the firm’s sales and charter brokers, with Carin Zemel joining as a new partner.

Hall is now the majority shareholder and principal partner of Yachtzoo, with Kirsten Ringsing as the second main partner.

“It feels like a new fresh energy for the company,” said all. “Having now a controlling interest helps streamline leadership and the decision-making process. It will make our business more dynamic and sharper”

The Monaco-based brokerage and management firm was founded in Monaco in 2007.

“I am genuinely excited about this new partner structure for Yachtzoo, it’s a win-win for all,” said Hall. “I’m happy Chris [Richardson] and Paola [Scalabrino] got to collect on the fruits of their hard work over the years.”

Holding a master’s degree in Law from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, new partner, Zemel will also operate as Yachtzoo’s compliance officer.