Viareggio shipyard restarts refit work


Refit work at The Italian Sea Group’s (TISG) shipyard in Viareggio (pictured), northern Italy, has restarted. The first vessel to undergo a refurbishment is the 53m (174ft) sailing yacht Jasali II.

The 24-year-old sailing vessel from the group’s Perini Navi fleet will undergo a refit until April 2023. The general survey and redesign will be undertaken by the group’s refit brand, NCA Refit and supervised by Danilo Lo Bianco, the yacht’s captain.

Giovanni Costantino, founder and CEO, TISG said: “I am very proud to have here today an icon of Perini Navi history, Jasali II, an important return to the territory and a tangible sign of continuity.”

TISG said that the site is currently expanding its capacity for sailing yacht production, mainly for Perini Navi models. However, the shipyard will also build the new line of Gentlemen’s Yacht models from the group’s Picchiotti brand, which is expected to be announced in February 2023.

Production of a 60m (197ft) superyacht has been ongoing at the site since the acquisition of the shipyard earlier this year. Across the group, there are 35 yachts currently under construction, 19 of which are over 50m (164ft).

“In 2023 we will complete the modernisation and rebranding of this site by completing the TISG 4.2 investment plan, which also includes the expansion and restructuring of the Marina di Carrara headquarters and the La Spezia site,” said Costantino.

The company has invested more than €11m ($11.4m) in the TISG 4.0 and TISG 4.1 investment programmes so far.

It has been a positive year for so far TISG, with sales up by 64.6% to reach €210.3m ($217.5m) in the first nine months of this year and an order book of €983m($1.01bn).