TowPro’s real-time tender tracking


TowPro, the latest product from TSM Systems, provides real-time tender tracking from the bridge to prevent superyachts from losing their tow. The technology has been developed in response to a growing market for superyacht tenders which has seen the vessels begin to grow in size and luxury, according to TSM.

Along with tenders increasing in size and capability, the towing of tenders has also become common, said the firm. Many of these luxury tenders have their own sophisticated navigation systems, including independent AIS, however regulations do not allow AIS to be in use whilst a vessel is under tow.

TowPro continuously streams live safety information from the tender to the yacht, where it is displayed to the crew in real-time on a touchscreen installed on the bridge. The stream provides three groups of safety information: water levels in the tender, including bilge pump activity and battery life of the pumps, shock loads on the tow from any surging or yawing, and the motion of the tender – trim, pitch, listing and rolling.

It will give a warning signal immediately and directly to the bridge of the yacht if something happens that might be a risk to the tender. TowPro has also been designed to be easy to retrofit.

William Ferlazzo, head of Sales, TSM Systems, said: Given the peace of mind that TowPro brings during the tow coupled with the potential of insurance led towing restrictions being reduced, including night-time towing, it is no wonder that TowPro has received such positive feedback from the industry.”

Also if the captain does lose the tow, TowPro activates the tenders Emergency AIS to identify it as a hazard to other vessels and sends frequent position reports by satellite to a global tracking website in order to aid recovery with a back-up battery offering at least seven days continuous operation.  TowPro also triggers the COLREG lights “not under command” to alert nearby vessels and avoid collision.

Paul Miller, director of underwriting, Millstream Underwriting, said: It doesnt just benefit insurers, it will benefit the owner, the captain, their plans, the boat, charter guests and managers alike.”

TowPro’s digital interface which will be installed in the bridge.