SYI Interview: Cameron Mitchell, director, Isle of Man Ship Registry


The Isle of Man Department for Enterprise has appointed current deputy director Cameron Mitchell as the next director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry, effective 1 April. He replaces Dick Welsh who is retiring as director.

Prior to this appointment, Mitchell worked for more than 10 years with shipping operators Maersk, Geest Line and Farstad Shipping as an engineer as well as holding earlier positions at the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

Mitchell has said that during his time at the Isle of Man Ship Registry, the registry has amassed over 70 global clients and 17.2m gross registered tonnage.

SuperYacht Investor caught up with Mitchell to find out more about his plans for the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

SuperYacht Investor: Can you tell us why you chose to take the role?

Cameron Mitchell: “I’ve been based on the Isle of Man for 19 years, and it’s a great place to live and work, especially with a young family. So I’m very happy from a personal point of view to have taken this role. From the professional point of view, I am passionate about the Registry and helping it grow, so it’s the perfect fit really”

SYI: How is the Isle of Man Ship Registry faring and what are your plans for the future?

CM:“The Isle of Man Ship Registry is probably in the best position it has been, and our plans for the future are to steadily grow our flag. How we are doing that is through innovative new solutions such as streamlining our customer and internal processes. For example, we were one of the first flag states to offer e-certificates, and we are also introducing e-documentation for things like log books, and oil and garbage record books that makes it easier for our customer. We are one of the few that can offer that.”

SYI: How do you look to attract business?

CM: “Yacht owners and captains know how accessible we are, how quick we are to respond to their questions. That’s a point of pride for us. It helps us attract business and stand-out from our competition. We want to be the best quality ship registry in the world. That doesn’t mean we want to have the most tonnage registered – it just means we want to be seen as the quality choice. We won’t take tonnage for tonnage’s sake”

SYI: And the relationship with captains is important as well?

CM: “We have great relationships with captains both on ships and yachts. Ultimately if the captains are happy with us, then that means owners like us as well. That all attracts business.”

SYI: How important is the Registry for the Isle of Man?

CM: “Shipping plays a vital role in the Isle of Man’s economy, and you can see the Registry as the nucleus of that. If we are performing, if we are the quality choice, then the rest of the Isle of Man’s marine business will do well as well.”

SYI: Any concerns over Brexit?

CM: “Brexit for us is not an explicit worry as we are an international Registery which is a non-EU Flag. European flags will be much more pre-occupied with that than we are.”

SYI: Are there any challenges for the Registry going forward?

CM: “One challenge will be the IMO instruments implementation code (IIIC), and there will be mandatory audits of flag states. Basically, they will audit you against those instruments – are you fully meeting your obligations, are you meeting the guidelines? We believe we’re in a strong position to pass this, and we are running a mock audit this October to be ready for the real thing next year.”

SYI: Finally, when you’re not in the office, what do you like to do?

CM: “In my spare time, I like to fish, walk the dog and go trail biking as well as spend time with my children. The Isle of Man has great countryside, so it’s perfect if you enjoy outdoor pursuits.”