Nobiskrug takeover complete


Nobiskrug’s insolvency period has come to a close, as Lars Windhorst, founder and owner of the Tennor Group, has taken over the German ship yard.

Tennor Group now owns both Nobiskrug and Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG). Now the two companies within the Tennor Group will work under one administration while operating from their own locations.

Windhorst said he intends to share the skills and knowledge of each division, providing the specialists from FSG with merchant and naval experience access to the specialists in the superyacht division and vice versa. “The main areas of collaboration will be in design, purchasing and administration and a total of 645 employees will work together across the locations.”

“Nobiskrug and its employees ideally complement our strategy in the shipbuilding industry. Our strategic goal is to achieve relevant market shares in both of these significant markets and at the same time develop innovation,” said Windhorst.

Philipp Maracke, CEO of FSG and Nobiskrug, added: “With the takeover of Nobiskrug shipyard, we are positioning ourselves broadly for the future. Both shipyards have extensive know-how in the construction of specialised and technically complex vessels, which complement each other perfectly.”