MB92 shipyard reveals new lifting platform in final position


The new superyacht lifting platform, capable of handling six vessels up to 337ft (115m) in length, at MB92 La Ciotat’s yard in the south of France is now in place, ahead of the facility’s opening this September, according to the refit specialist.

Mathieu Bauden, MB92 La Ciotat facilities director, said: “This is a key stage in the delivery of the 4,300t platform which leaves us well positioned as we enter the final six months of the project [to refurbish the yard].” When complete, the yard will be able to handle an additional six superyachts up to 377ft (115m) in length and weighing 4,300t.

The shiplift has been built in partnership with French construction company Matière and the US heavy load handling specialist Bardex Corporation. The Bardex lifting system, which includes 20 chain jacks, is now being installed and features a hydraulic ram and chain assembly. The lift will be able to achieve water to yard transfer times in less than 180 minutes and handle up to six yachts simultaneously.

Delivered last summer, the construction of the lift needed nine months of engineering work on site. The lifting platform measures 100m in length (equivalent to a football pitch) and is 20m wide. Weighing 1,100t, the lift needed a team of 20 people to install.

Next will come the delivery of the control building, the installation of all energy networks, reception of the transfer system, the cradles and final testing followed by certification by Lloyds this summer.

Vincent Escallier, MB92 La Ciotat commercial director, said: “We are all looking forward to the imminent opening of our new facility and this latest accomplishment brings us one step closer. It’s an extraordinary piece of infrastructure that complements the wide range of lifting options available to clients of our shipyard.”

MB92 was acquired by Squircle Capital, a European alternative investment firm focused on private equity and real estate value-add investments, in 2019.

Meanwhile, sister company MB92 Barcelona confirmed last month its new fittings centre, close to MB92’s facilities in the Port of Barcelona, had become operational. The new centre covers a total of 17,222sq ft (1,600sqm).


MB92’s new fittings centre is operational


MB92 La Ciotat lifting and docking options – at a glance

  • Dry dock for vessels up to 656ft (200m)
  • 4,300-tonne ship lift: six places for vessels up to 378ft (115m). To be commissioned in in autumn 2022
  • 2000t yacht lift: four spaces for vessels up to 262ft (80m)
  • 300t travel lift: 14 spaces for vessels up to 164ft (50m)
  • 0.9 miles (1.5 km) of quay space for in-water works.