Maritime Network Systems acquired by IEC Telecom


Satellite service operator IEC Telecom Group has acquired superyacht communications specialist Maritime Network Systems (MNS).

MNS has provided satellite and LTE  connectivity services to the superyachting industry in the Mediterranean for more than two decades. IEC Telecom said that with 47 % of world yacht trips based in the Mediterranean, the acquisition is a bid to expand its portfolio of hybrid satellite and LTE solutions across the region.

“Welcoming MNS to IEC Telecom Group is a new milestone in our journey to transforming the maritime communications market,” said Erwan Emilian, CEO, IEC Telecom Group. “We aim to resolve the challenges that yacht operators face by providing services which satisfy the ever-evolving need for high-speed data transmission and analysis and reliable connectivity.”

MNS’ yachting customers will now also have access to the group’s connectivity solutions, such as Starlink, and its very small aperture terminal (VSAT) and L-band services.

Clients will also have access to its OneGate network security management system. “We are well-equipped to offer robust cyber security infrastructure for mega yachts,” said Emilian. “Data privacy is the first priority for IEC Telecom. With Starlink, high-speed and fully secured data access is now available even for a 20m yacht.”

The CEO said that the expansion was also driven by the ever increasing demand for better connectivity at sea. According to Inmarsat’s latest Superyacht Connectivity Report, the demand for high broadband onboard is increasing with 74% of yacht owners expecting to increase their satcom budget by more than 25% by 2025.

Jan Holmen, general manager, M N S said: “Each yacht has a unique connectivity setup and requires an individualised approach Joining IEC Telecom Group allows us to expand the flexibility of our offer to our VIP clients.”