GYG move shares from AIM to J P Jenkins


Shares of GYG have now moved to J P Jenkins’ share matching platform.

The superyacht service and supply group de-listed from the AIM market last month. J P Jenkins will now facilitate GYG shareholder’s transactions.

Remy Millott, CEO, GYG said: “I look forward to welcoming new investors as we continue to focus on improving efficiencies and providing quality earnings across the Group.”

Whilst shareholders will still trade through their stockbroker, trades will now be conducted at a level that J P Jenkins can match a seller and a buyer.

Veronika Oswald, director, J P Jenkins said: “We are very happy to welcome GYG as a client of J P Jenkins and are excited to help them on their journey as a private and unquoted company.”

J P Jenkins is a UK-based platform for unlisted or unquoted companies. It enables shareholders and investors to buy and sell their shares on a matched bargain basis.