dahm international opens London office

dahm International London office

As part of their “di growth 2020” strategy, dahm international have opened a new office in the United Kingdom.

In a recent press release, dahm international said: “London over the last decade has become one of the most important hot spots for the yachting business.”

Christian Hausser, Managing Partner at dahm international said “London is Europe’s most important financial center and continuously attracting international enterprises and a well-heeled target group for yachting companies. Over the past few months we observed a significant increase of requests from the United Kingdom (UK). In combination with the growing number of English clients at dahm international, we are now well-prepared to also satisfy this demand on-the-spot.”

The brokerage firm’s latest strategy has also seen the creation of a new yacht management service and plans to build its first ever new build, dahm 120.