CRN presents new design projects

CRN 50 metre Teseo

CRN has presented its new design projects for a line of semi-custom 50 metre superyachts.

The series includes a 50 metre Expedition Teseo, 50 metre Superconero and a 50 metre Special Edition Dislopen. The Ancona shipyard will collaborate with Zuccon International Project to design the line.

All three projects will feature twin Caterpillar C32 engines, enabling a maximum speed of 15 knots and a maximum range of 3800 nautical miles at 11 knots. They are certified to Rina standards and are MCA compliant.

“The Dislopen, the Expedition and the Superconero epitomise CRN’s ability to offer very diverse products” said Giovanni Zuccon,  from Zuccon International Project. “These are indeed three very distinctive yachts, each with her personal history and identity, that prove how great flexibility can be obtained in terms of style, shapes, and functions while maintaining unchanged a yacht’s main technical and structural features.”

“We have been cooperating with Paola and Gianni Zuccon and Zuccon International Project for approximately 20 years. These new projects once more bear witness to our shared focus on research and innovation, our objective being to propose ever-innovative products capable of meeting the needs of increasingly global markets and the requirements of every single Owner” said CRN’s Chairman and CEO, Mr Lamberto Tacoli. “The SuperConero, the Expedition, and the Dislopen have a similar DNA, but also very different features and peculiarities. Indeed, they are the result of a long and painstaking market analysis. We are deeply convinced that these new projects will confirm CRN’s great versatility”.


Teseo is a steel and aluminium, bulb keel displacement yacht. With three different possible layout configurations, she has a fully customisable and functional layout to ensure greater onboard versatility.

In all three layouts, the pilot house and the captain’s cabin are located on the sun deck. The crew quarters are on the lower deck, separate from the guest area.


Superconero is also a steel and aluminium, bulb keel displacement yacht. Her special features include a float-in garage for the tender.


CRN have developed a new design concept for Dislopen which will always ensure direct contact with the sea. All other CRN design solutions are included on Dislopen; the balcony, the beach club, and the float-in garage.