Blohm+Voss offer service and innovation from one source


Queen Mary 2 Docking Elbe 17 Blohm+Voss Hamburg May 2016

A lot has happened in the last year for Blohm+Voss. Since Fred van Beers joined the company as CEO in 2015, he has adjusted the organization to reduce the distances between the sales department, project management and the engineering department in order to expand communication and make it more efficient in order to shorten reaction times.

“We want to be the first port of call for our customers and one of the most innovative and successful shipyards of the world. In order to achieve this, we have set clear goals for ourselves and we focus completely on the needs of our customers.” Says van Beers.

“We are proud to have such a hardworking and highly trained team,” van Beers says. “Our employees approach each new project with a lot of passion. They are extremely solution-oriented; there is no such thing as impossible. The more complex the project, the more ambitious the timeline, the more ambition we apply to deliver high-quality solutions in a timely fashion and within the budget. This was also proven when looking at the successful master refit of the Queen Mary 2 that we successfully completed, as planned, in only 21 days. The safety of our employees, partner companies and our customers always has priority for every project.”

The Queen Mary 2 stayed for its sixth time at Blohm+Voss shipyard at the end of May. A reputation was established between Blohm+Voss and the cruise industry over the past couple years and enabled ten cruise liners fit for the future. Apart from the cruise liners, container ships, naval vessels and luxury yachts can easily dock for refits, maintenance and repairs.

The shipyard, centrally located across Landungsbrücken in the heart of the city, spans 421,000 sq.m and has seven docks sizing up to 351m long and 59m wide.

Approval to start a refit location in the South France began in June. Within two weeks, Blohm+Voss had identified management for La Ciotat who are preparing for orders for November.

Van Beers comments on the milestone of the company:

“With our new office in Monaco and this central refit location in the Mediterranean area we will bring our core business ever closer to the customer; we will be able to offer more flexibility and tailored life-cycle services. Whatever the customer desires and whatever location the customer would like to use: He will receive in Hamburg as well as in La Ciotat the extremely high quality standard for which Blohm+Voss is known.”

After extensive research in the luxury yacht industry, Blohm+Voss have developed an 80-meter yacht that is based on a technical platform concept and can be delivered within 30 months offering top of the line design.