Abacus and Landmark Trust Group to merge


Abacus Isle of Man and Landmark Trust Group are pleased to announce their merger.

Both are independently owned professional fiduciary businesses with a heritage dating back more than 40 years. The new group will continue to build upon this important background of independence and decades of experience in the industry.  The merger represents a significant step forward in expanding the geographical span of Abacus and Landmark and now encompasses offices in the Isle of Man, Malta, Monaco, Geneva, London and an associate office in Hong Kong.

Andrew Tailby-Faulkes, Landmark Group CEO commented: “We are very excited about the merger as it brings together tremendous strength from both sides, creating a wider offering of cross-jurisdictional and multi-disciplined services and expertise. It introduces great synergies whilst retaining the solid foundations both businesses have created over many years. We are all looking forward to working with our new colleagues and continuing to deliver the high level, independent services our clients have come to expect.”

Chris Talavera, Abacus chairman added, “This is a really positive and major step forward for both Abacus and Landmark which will benefit our clients due to the increased range and depth of service the new combined group will be able to offer. It will also create increased career opportunities for our people.  Both Abacus and Landmark share similar values and have always valued their independence. It is unusual in today’s environment to be able to increase your offering and reach through merger, whilst still retaining your professional independence as our new combined group will be able to.”

Each office continues to operate from its current location without any changes in its local staff and management. A rebrand of the new merged business will complete in the near future.